Introducing Fred,

a car enthusiast with a passion for drawing cars of all makes, models, shapes, and sizes. Fred hopes to turn his hobby into a successful personal business.  With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on honoring customer feedback, Fred’s goal is to craft unique pieces of art which capture the memories and enthusiasm one has for their favorite vehicles.

Building a Passion

While he is a software developer by trade, Fred’s artistic journey has been a constant thread in his life. After learning the basics from private lessons at a young age, drawing has been a go to past time through college and thereafter. A transformative moment occurred when Fred purchased his first car, a 2022 mk 8 GTI. This made his lifelong interest in sports cars a reality and led him to attend car meets and shows in Northwest Indiana. The thought occurred: “If people invest so much time and money in modifying their cars, wouldn’t they appreciate a personalized drawing that captures their pride and joy?”

Art Experience

Although Fred’s primary focus is on cars, his artistic experience extends beyond the automotive realm.  Fred also has experience sketching portraits and architectural landscapes.  His favorite sketches are from his college summer studies abroad in Germany where he drew statues and medieval architecture.  Fred also has limited experience with acrylic, watercolor, and digital mediums.  He hopes to expand his skills and soon offer colored drawings of cars similar to Chip Foose.  With a breadth of experience in various art forms, Fred possesses a versatile skill set that he eagerly shares with his customers.

The Mission

Fred believes genuine art captures what photos and videos do not: the personal connection to something unique. One often builds memories, emotions, and a personal connection to their car as it accompanies them through life’s journey. Hand crafted art can capture this connection. Similar to how each car enthusiast’s vehicle is unique, regardless of how many similar cars share the road with them, each artwork holds its own uniqueness, brought to life through every pencil stroke. Whether a vehicle no longer exists, will soon be replaced, or is thought to be one’s “forever” car, Fred’s mission is to capture and share the personal connection one has with their unique vehicle, through his artwork.

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